She was alone, alone in the house, alone with this child, this little thing that required so much of her, every day, all day, with its endless cries for attention and its ceaseless needs. Her darkened reflection stared back at her in the brown glass of the longneck accusingly, her features droopy and defeated from […]

Seeing things

As I waited for the school bus to arrive to take me home, the girl in my year called Laura stood just inside one of the shelter sheds with her boyfriend Joel, who was four years older than her. He wasn’t much to look at – his front teeth were crooked, and he had a […]

Social Climbing

I┬ádrove along a highway that undulated and wound its way across a landscape that was massive in scale. It was like a giant piece of convoluted foam with large, sometimes rocky hills that hadn’t quite reached mountain status yet and their corresponding valleys. When I saw the sign for the exit I needed I almost […]