Don’t ever embarrass her

The couch was orange, of a hue that every piece of furniture, wallpaper, rug and bedspread from the seventies seemed to be. Or rather, it was white with large orange and brown flowers scattered all over it. It was a large pattern so the placements of the flowers really seemed random on the small piece […]


They kept distracting me, bombarding me with information, piling it haphazardly on top of me like an uneven stack of books. I could feel the fatigue begin to creep into my eyes while the anxiety worked at my body, unsettling me and making me feel like I was on the brink of losing my footing […]


The nurse’s feet traversed the emergency room floor with heavy, sure steps, her wide hips swaggering confidently. She stopped to lean against the desk in the centre of the ER, her left elbow resting casually along it as she placed the hand of her other arm on her hip while her eyes angled down to […]


She was alone, alone in the house, alone with this child, this little thing that required so much of her, every day, all day, with its endless cries for attention and its ceaseless needs. Her darkened reflection stared back at her in the brown glass of the longneck accusingly, her features droopy and defeated from […]

Social Climbing

I┬ádrove along a highway that undulated and wound its way across a landscape that was massive in scale. It was like a giant piece of convoluted foam with large, sometimes rocky hills that hadn’t quite reached mountain status yet and their corresponding valleys. When I saw the sign for the exit I needed I almost […]